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International Healthcare Center Video Conference System

    May 31, 3 pm. A video conference call regarding a 5-year-old girl from Khabarovsk agency in Russia was in session at the International Healthcare Center. The child was diagnosed with hip problems which required surgery and she was wishing to be treated in Korea at the International Healthcare Center.
    However, the only piece of information relevant to the condition was an x-ray film and Dr. Sang-Hyeong Lee arranged the video conference call in order to obtain more information. The girl's parents thanked the doctor and said that they wanted their girl to be treated at the Dongguk University Ilsan Hospital.
    The International Healthcare Center is expected to lead the global medical market with its video conference call system and precision healthcare system.

International Healthcare Center Now Open

    On the 4th of this month, the Dongguk University Ilsan Medical Center opened the International Healthcare Center (Director Sang-wu Oh) in order to provide a fast and accurate medical service to foreigners.
    The International Healthcare Center is ready to provide the best medical service available through the establishment of a 'one-stop service' system that takes care of everything from appointment booking, treatment, payment to examination. In addition, medical services are provided by the best medical professionals in the field with dedicated nurses and professional coordinators.

Dongguk University Ilsan Medical Center approved as the best 'medical institution'

    The Dongguk University Ilsan Medical Center was certified as the top level medical institution in the on-site survey and document examination that took place from the 11th to the 14th of January by the Medical institutions Certification and Evaluation Committee from the Ministry of Health and Wellness. The survey evaluated 'medical service quality' and 'patient safety' for 4 days and the hospital was given the highest level of certification for all criteria. The survey reflected the 4 areas required by the standard of the International Certification Organization (ISQua) consisting of basic value system, patient care system, administrative system and performance management system. After the certification, Dongguk University Ilsan Medical Center announced its plans to form an internal 'Certification Preparation Committee' that will evaluate its systems internally every 2 years to maintain the highest quality medical services as a 'reliable medical institution' that prioritizes patient safety and serves the community.
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