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Emergency Medical Service

Emergency Medical Center

The emergency medical center at Dongguk University Ilsan Hospital received the best evaluation from the Ministry of Health and Wellness in the 2010 national emergency medical clinic assessment which assessed facilities, human resources, equipment, etc.
At the center, all emergency patients are effectively treated and cared for at the frontline. The staff at the center saves patients' lives by taking immediate and appropriate measures in an emergency situation and restores them so that they can function normally in daily life as soon as possible.

Also, the “Auto On-Call System“ and “Triage system”have been introduced in order to reduce the waiting time when patients visit the emergency medical center.

Equipped with the latest equipment and facilities, the emergency clinic offers quality medical care for all patients around the clock with close links to all other departments 24 hours a day.
Also, by establishing a close connection with 119 and other medical institutions, the clinic is playing its part in contributing to forming the region's emergency medicine network.
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